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I know we Canadians are always searching for our identity.

Still, Wendy’s “Poutition” page on Facebook has 30,000 “likes” already, so we can’t ignore this pounomenon.

Enjoy the ultimate "Rocky Horror" experience, including screenings of the film with an introduction by one of the stars, panels, photo-ops, autograph sessions and much more.•"Doctor Who"-themed escape room: You are a Time Lord up against the clock to solve all the puzzles before time runs out!

The caloric count can double with larger servings and exotic toppings at non-chain eateries. He continues to work behind the scenes and on the page to bring some of the most thrilling stories in comics to life as co-publisher of DC Comics. Don't miss this rare appearance by a true comics legend.•Cosplay kick-off party: Start your Fan Expo with a bang!Join in for the Official Fan Expo Cosplay Kick-Off Party at EFS Nightclub, hosted by Lee Anna Vamp and all her friends!A recent poll of Brits found they’d be delighted to dine on Canadian cuisine — if only they knew what it was. And maple syrup is no more a “dish” than Worcestershire sauce.Maple syrup, fish and cheese are about all they can think of. Which — heave, honk, spew — brings me back to poutine.“What the $#%@&*%* is poutine? Word will get back to Woolloomooloo and even the Aussies will mock our cuisine — and their idea of supper is whatever they can drag from the bush and wrestle onto the barbie.

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