Ruth riley dating

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And once you [tell yourself that], it’s quite exciting.”If Wilson seems to have zero tolerance for making judgments or false expectations on herself, she has even less tolerance for others watching her.

Recently, she was photographed in New York City at a restaurant with her on-screen ex-husband/sometimes lover/father-of-her-child-but-doesn’t-know-it, Joshua Jackson.

So all four of us go out.”Wilson believes that because she doesn’t flaunt her private life, people feel the need to perhaps box her into a category—single, not single, married, dating Joshua Jackson, not dating Joshua Jackson.“People don't know what goes on in my private life, so they have to make conjecture from something that is photographed,” says the Surrey-born daughter of a probation officer and investment banker, and the baby sister to three boys.

“You don't actually know if I'm single or not.

Wilson believes that many women, like Ibsen’s famous creation, have been “coerced into a way of life.” But just as equally, she believes we constrain ourselves.

I don't talk about it.”As Wilson prepares herself for the role of Hedda Gabler, it’s topics like these that seem to slip naturally into conversation.

Women’s Basketball Team at the Olympics in London this year, but watching some of her close friends and former teammates (i.e.

Now playing for the Chicago Sky, Riley is still going strong in her 12th year in the WNBA and she remains one of six women to win an Olympic gold medal, a WNBA title and an NCAA title (although Maya Moore will join those ranks should Team USA take gold again this year).

Season 2 ended with the character’s husband, Noah, taking the blame for Cole’s brother Scotty’s death, therefore exonerating both Alison and Helen—but also leaving them both as single mothers.“She's been in a place where she's just needed to find who she is, really,” says Wilson, “and redefine or find herself. The fact that [she and Cole] had another child together is something like fate; it suggests that perhaps, they were meant to be, and they needed that fission to come back stronger.

I don't know, but maybe.”After playing opposite Sean Bean.

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