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When wanting to do so with the touch screen it is as simple as pressing that function. I really wanted to restore my faith in Canon DSLRs with the EOS 1D X Mark II, but there is still much that has to be done, as you’ll see below.As a side note, I tested the AF system with normal Canon photo zoom lenses and the Tokina 11-16mm. Last but not least: Canon, take my free advice and put that 4K image quality and various frame rates into your upcoming 5D Mark IV.Then, as time moved on, that same company decided to conquer Hollywood by introducing their “EOS C” line, and literally abandoned their loyal DSLR customers to the mercy of other brands.

Once upon a time, there was a company by the name of Canon who revolutionized the filming industry by introducing a large sensor stills camera that could shoot full High Definition video.Alternatively, if you are an old man like me who prefers to have the Kinotehnik LCDVF on the LCD, (for easier viewing and extra contact), then the little joystick on the right side becomes your best friend. A good, fast CF card will allow you to record at 4K/25p without a hitch (the camera did not shut down on me due to overheating either), but if you would like to explore the world in 4K/50/60p, you will need a good, reliable CFast card.One thing left for me to discover is how to momentary pause the servo AF when using the loupe. Canon chose to use the same encoding system (MJPG) used in the Canon 1D C and the result are huge files that will eat through your card’s memory.Although the 4K video quality was fine and the C-log picture profile was a useful feature to have, the Canon 1D C had too many obstacles for documentary work.For me, using a camera is not all about the final picture quality but also about its ease of use and ergonomics.

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