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“We sometimes forget that there's always something around the corner that could surprise you or amaze you,” says David Plotz, CEO of Atlas Obscura.“This is our day where we want to make explorers out of everyone.” In New York City, there are 18 events to choose from.The Oddities show is a 30 minute reality television series on the Discovery Channel about an antique shop that buys unusual and strange items and sells them to customers that are often equally strange.If you have a need for a shrunken head, four-legged chicken, monkey skull or a straitjacket they can fill your need!“It’s a little more whimsical than that.” The macabre will be in full force at the flea—the event is in conjunction with Morbid Anatomy’s grand reopening on Friday night from a small event space to a 4,200 square foot museum, library, cafe, and lecture hall.Guests can peruse founder Joanna Ebenstein’s collection of rare art anatomy books and medicine anthologies, and explore the museum’s inaugural exhibit, “The Art of Mourning.” Laetitia Barbier, Morbid Anatomy’s head librarian and event coordinator, says the weekend will be a “big celebration of bizarre objects and strange things.” “When I arrived in New York, I used to have a compass in my pocket because that was the best way for me to find directions,” Barbier says, who is 29 and hails from France. There is something beautiful about old technologies and objects.Season 3, Episode 17March 10, 2012Evan and Mike deliver eyeballs to a woman who makes art from animal tongues; Mike obtains a set of vampire fangs; Brent Hinds from the band Mastodon visits; Evan gets ready for a steampunk party.We all have our favorite New York City haunts, whether it’s a go-to neighborhood bar, restaurant or a designated corner of the park.

), Wren Britton’s bone jewelry, Daisy Tainton’s entomological novelties, and Invisible Gallery’s antiques and esoterica. “The typical person is not familiar with taxidermy or what any of this is, or why I’m putting clothes on a mouse,” says Maykut.Evan Michelson Mike Zohn Ersan Bajramoski (aka "The Cerd") Ryan Matthew The name of the shop featured on the show is "Obscura Antiques and Oddities".It's located in New York's East Village, Manhattan.This series was popular enough to inspire another series titled, "Oddities: San Francisco" that premiered on June 23, 2012.It ran for six episodes on the Discovery Channel's sister network, "The Science Channel" and took place in an antique store called, "Loved to Death" in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district.

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