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From what Ive come to understand by the post of many of the ladies here in the forums......despite connection in conversation, you'd do yourself a real favor by approaching this as just a friend...even just business seeing as she wants pictures taken. Her previous bf was a larger fella also I believe around 300lbs so it is obvious that she is into the larger fella side of things. So you give a little information about yourself to give us a clearer picture as to who you are. I have seen this man naked numerous times as I assist him with his showering. We converse about four times a week and can discuss anything because we trust each other. With obesity come's health issues and with a family of my own to take into consideration dating him would not even come into the equasion. I think you also answered your own question with the info on her ex. So they take medication which leads to more medication to control side effects from the medication they are taking and then more medication to control the side affects that are causing more side affects from the new medication that caused side effects....so it goes on.Its hard to imagine 375 until its blocking the sun....there is no vibe/spark.... You lack confidence and I was trying to give u tough love. He is not rich, in fact I have helped him out occassionally with a bit of shopping for his need's. By the way, it's good that she likes you for who you are, but have you considered losing weight for health reasons? Exercise programs are not usually encouraged to be undertaken by people who are obese and are on medication, so life is bloody tough for them.Thier softness goes well with my bony edges..Opposite do attract.However, be careful, be confident no matter your size.Sounds like you have an internal confidence problem. I definately can accept it I was just curious about all this and don't get me wrong I am extremely happy because we are hitting it off so well.

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And to anyone I seem to offend with this such as the first reply I apologize.

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