Dating sober person

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Tell them sobriety works for you, that it has changed your life for the better, and you can’t imagine going back to drinking.Telling any new person about your sobriety can be scary and nerve-racking, but this is especially the case when it’s someone you’re romantically interested in. I recommend thinking it over, considering your options, and trying what feels most comfortable to you.Many in recovery find that dating sober is very hard in the current dating scene.When you venture out into the dating world as a newly sober person, you have a new hurdle to jump.But when it comes to dating, he’s more than happy to go out with teetotalers.

She gracefully side-stepped the issue by suggesting a movie instead, telling him she wasn’t “into the bar scene” — and he never asked her to a bar again.

Israel suggested a hot chocolate instead, and he accepted — but he later told her he was initially weirded out by her sobriety.

“[It] gave him hesitation about pursuing a relationship,” says the 31-year-old Chelsea resident, citing his concerns about their social life being stunted.

Even if you aren’t to that point yet, you can still use this technique as a way to tell your date you’re sober.

Sobriety is, and should be, a lifestyle that becomes a priority in your everyday life.

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