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It can be difficult to date a guitar, but there are some steps you can take to determine a range of dates during which a guitar was created. This can be located in several areas, including the back of the headstock and inside the hole of an acoustic guitar. This is an organization dedicated to dating guitars.

Enter the serial number in the serial number text box.

Anyway, who needs Guitardater to date an Epiphone when we have this thread? Up until now I have my eye on two guitars and I would like to know if they are legit since the Guitar Dater can't recognize either. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents." Ludwig von Beethoven " There's nothing remarkable about it.

I havent even really used Guitardater since this thread went up. S#1: 311552845 S#2: 311560242 Also, if you can, give me a brief explanation on how to differentiate a legit epiphone standard from counterfeits. I recently purchased an Epi (I just like the axes for the price and quality), but guitar dater didnt find anything on the serial. There you go: Serial# 1104210476 From experience, I suppose it was manufactured in April 2011 (1104), am I correct? All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.' Johann Sebastian Bach " Playing scales is like a boxer skipping rope or a punching bag.

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On our new record I only used one of the best ’65 jags I’d ever played and when it came to launching the show I had the idea of getting these two old jags supped up for the road.

I’m still shocked at how totally cool it looks and how much the nitro paint job improved the sound of an already nice intrument.

You will not come across anytime soon a man like Gord Miller who pushes the limit through extremely high quality guitar restorations, determination to get the look of a fifty year old paint job dead on, and a fellow Canadian not afraid of serious hard work.

Not only are they a pleasure to play but they look fantastic and are probably worth double what they were. “Hi Gord, Well I got the Firebird back and I have to say I’m really blown away at how well it came out. I feel like an old friend has returned to me and it is in every way as it should be; a 47 year old guitar with a beautiful vintage feel, sound and playability. I will be in touch; I’m thinking about other projects.” “I recently sent off to Gord my 2006 Gretsch White Falcon to be repainted and aged. Miller got his hands on it she was way too white and bling, with a real cheesy plastic style feel to the thick paint job.

It’s like the time that it was in pieces never existed. It went on a long journey to the other side of Canada, and when the bird flew back home it was a changed guitar for the better.

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