Dating a businessman

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As they will keep on discussing business plans and getting excited about their execution strategies.8) He finds Business Opportunity in everything: Take a cab with him and he will talk about Startups related to Cab services, show him a pet, he will talk about Pet E-commerce, Ping him on Facebook and he will start talking about how Facebook can be monetized and Facebook Campaigns.

Take him to a relatives house and he will evaluate the value of their property.

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He keeps on forgetting that conversation starts with, “Hello, How are you? ” And if he finds out that your friend works for TCS or something, the evening is ruined.7) “Networking Networking”: He will meet a lot of people in a week on the name of networking but when it comes to meeting you he doesn’t have time.So unless you have a great Business idea or you know a VC, it’s hard to catch him on weekends.I sometimes miss being normal and talking about things without bringing business in between.9) His Phone is always BUSY: He is always talking to people on phone.

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