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Wake The Lion is a band based around enjoying music and having good times.

We're not about being angry or sad because our girlfriends broke up with us, we have no interest in politics, and we wont be preaching religion to you either.

We're not going to sit here and tell you what national acts we've played with or about the highs and lows we've been through or try to tell you we have crafted a unique sound. We try to play the kind of music we love, and we think that you'll find yourselves enjoying it as well.

Not only are we interested in making solid tunes, but we love to put on high energy, entertaining live shows.

To be honest, we'd rather play a show in front of 20 people that are totally into it than play to 200 people that couldn't care less.

For booking inquiries send an email to: [email protected] send us a message via My Space Yes, we play live mostly in Youngstown, OH but we're looking to play in the big cities down in south Ohio.

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Get your hair, nails and makeup done onsite from our guest Emo Salon Stylist.We can offer versions of our regular public tour itineraries or develop a custom tour to suit your group’s interests.The minimum number for guests for any private tour is eight.For groups over 14 guests requiring transportation, the deposit / transportation fee will be non refundable.Groups over 14 pay a larger deposit fee if transportation is arranged.

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