Cnn mobile site not updating

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Even it a Sql Exception would occur, you output its message with a js script that might fail/ignored/etc. If there is still no error will be shown, you should debug the code step by step.Set a breakpoint to update Tbl() and see how your final sql statement will look like.(Hopefully Amazon will fix this soon.)So here's how you manually change a website from their "mobile" view to their "desktop" view AFTER you do step one.Without step one, step two won't work on the newer Kindle Fires (at least it doesn't for me, but it works fine on first generation).Users who experienced a failed update were required to plug devices into computers and connect to i Tunes to restore the system.While the i OS issues are, of course, unexpected, it's always smart to hold off updating new mobile software until Apple works out first iteration kinks.Most of these issues can be easily solved by giving your radio a few extra minutes to finish updating the first time you power it up on or after August 17.

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Anyone who was affected should connect to i Tunes to complete the update or contact Apple Care for help." The company's Twitter account is also fielding hundreds of complaints addressing the bricking issue.

In this example I'm at and it's STILL showing the mobile view when I want to see the regular desktop website.

Now slide the screen down until you see the address bar at the top: You can do this in reverse too if you want to view a site's mobile view.

If they have it on the usual just "Request another view", select "Mobile", and then type an "m" in place of the three w's.

I use You Tube's mobile site all the time to watch videos, since they don't use Flash on their mobile site, thus videos that won't play on their regular desktop view on the Kindle Fire play fine from mobile!

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