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Procanico (pro-KAH-nee-koh) One of the very many Trebbiano clones, Procanico is cultivated in Umbria.There are some who believe that this clone is superior to the high-acid, low-flavor Trebbiano.Pinot Grigio (pee-noh GREE-joe) Possibly the most famous genetic mutation of Pinot Nero (known in France as Pinot Noir), sales of Pinot Grigio have recently started to surpass those of Chardonnay at restaurants.

From the well-known to the obscure, this alphabetical list offers insight into the grapes that make your favorite Italian white wines.Unfortunately, this easy quantity often led to poor quality, and winemakers who favor the latter over the former must engage in judicious, if ruthless, pruning.Confusingly, other varietals share both the Pagadebit’s easy-growing nature and its name; Sardegna’s Nuragus is also known as Pagadebit.Prosecco (praw-ZEHK-koh, pro-ZEHK-koh) This grape varietal, formerly known also as Glera and Seprina, is indigenous to Friuli, but it’s best known in the Veneto, where Prosecco is responsible for the wine that bears its name.Though Prosecco is sometimes vinified in a still version, it most often appears in Frizzante (fizzy) or Spumante (sparkling) versions that can range from dry to sweet.

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