Biblical view of carbon dating

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It was as if God had dictated the contents of the Bible to passive secretaries who wrote in a way that precluded errors of any kind, including scientific or historical inaccuracies.

Devoid of all humanity, this book was God breathed and perfect.

It took time to build trust and drop my defenses, something that happened as my theology professor, Dr.

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There was no need to prayerfully discern which parts of the Bible communicated God’s enduring message and which parts were reflective of evolving human culture.Like many in the south, I grew up in a church that placed high value on the Bible.As the the inspired Word of God, it was considered factually inerrant and demanded a strict literal reading.I came to believe that God is the source of all truth—sacred and secular—and that I didn’t have to be afraid to learn new things that challenged old ideas.Looking back, these experiences probably saved my faith.

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