Adult children widowed parent dating

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He has told me he wants to be with me, and I believe him. There is this woman who lost her husband a little over a year ago and has been corresponding with him (she asked my permission and I said it was ok.) He has taken his kids to see this woman and have supper with her a few times and has told me every time that they were going over there.Well, he told me recently that his kids like her because she reminds them of their mom.No sooner had I told him that the annulment was done, did he come to my house and tell me that things weren’t going to work because his kids don’t want it.I asked why and he said because they don’t want someone with kids.Most children don’t see themselves ever wishing their parent to remarry so unless he’s prepared to remain single for the remainder of his life, he may not want to leave those decisions to them.Understanding, patience, sensitivity and even pacing things are sometimes necessary to help children come along.You can check out my website for additonal information.

My kids are devastated because they also love them with all their hearts. Like I said, this man and I reconnected in May 2005 when I invited him and his kids to my college graduation.They couldn’t come because they were getting ready to move.He has told me that he’s really struggling with this because he made a promise to them that if they didn’t think it was right, then he wouldn’t do it.But, he also tells me that he loves me and my kids very much and that his kids love us, too, but don’t want to be with us on a permanent basis.

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